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"Rona draws upon her encyclopedic knowledge of the magazine industry to analyze what it is that makes readers —and advertisers —tick."

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About Us

We love challenges.

When Rona Cherry launched Longevity Magazine for General Media International, people laughed and said “who would want a magazine about anti-aging and longevity?” They didn’t laugh, though, when the magazine was later named by Adweek as one of the Hottest Magazines in the country.

And when The New York Times Company asked her to produce a magazine called Fitness, there were those who wondered how a newsstand title on that topic would ever sell well in supermarkets--or the market in general. But Fitness grew steadily in circulation and advertising and two years later was also named by Adweek as one of the Top 10 “Hot Up-and-Comer” publications in the country.

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We could go on. But the point is that after more than 20 years in media, we haven’t lost our love for developing new print and online properties or improving existing ones. We still excel in helping entrepreneurs with a dream to see their projects succeed.

RCA has experience with every form of online and print media—magazines, newspapers, brochures, newsletters, manuscripts. We can help you leverage your media brand's assets and audience through social media and PR, too. RCA can also evaluate and work with your workforce, coaching key staffers, and help you streamline your editorial department for quality and budget.

We have worked successfully in many market sectors—women's lifestyle, baby boomers, health/medical/fitness, spirituality, business, special-interest enthusiast, seniors, and other categories. We have particular award-winning expertise in women's issues and science-based health media and markets.

Our clients have included large media companies, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. Budgets and staffs have ranged from large to ultra-lean. Whatever challenges you face, we will work closely with you to help you accomplish your goals, putting together experienced creative teams to get the results you expect.