Rona Cherry Associates


"Rona is a guiding force who influences others, steers a team to producing successful projects, and nurtures talent."

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Seija Goldstein Associates
Seija Goldstein provides a wide range of financial and operational consulting services to media companies and entrepreneurs in magazine, newsletter, newspaper and book publishing, as well as in internet and direct marketing. Her client base covers both consumer and business media. >

Lee Ryder Design
Lee Ryder has her own design studio and handles a variety of work including custom publishing projects, branding, logo development, marketing and promotional materials, brochures and websites.  >

Jack Goldenberg
Jack Goldenberg is a prolific copywriter and creative marketing consultant who has launched five products that have each attained $1 billion in sales. His clients have included McDonalds, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Columbia Pictures. Jack Goldenberg >

Ronni Blaisdell
Ronni Blaisdell has been in public relations for more than 20 years, working with the entertainment industry, financial companies, non-profits and healthcare organizations. An experienced consultant, she has worked with several public relations agencies.