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Social Media & Web Development

lymeLyme Research Alliance
With this service, RCA examined the
non-profit’s existing social media strategy
and improved upon it. We posted regularly
for the organization and dramatically
increased Twitter numbers, strengthened
content and frequency of Facebook posts,
created Pinterest boards, and explored
other social media tools.


ladies dayLadies Day Jazz Trio
With this client we identified valuable
social media links, instructed the trio’s
founder on how to improve Facebook
and Twitter to best engage customers,
helped with strategy. Result: trio was
included in more listings, enjoyed
increased visibility, received media coverage.

Consulted on development of site for
business women. Refined the site's concept,
advised on critical content, created sample
text, suggested contributors, participated in
production meetings.  >


Created and ran website dedicated to all
aspects of love. Produced content, worked
with freelance writers and editors, book
publishers, developed promotions, met
with potential investors, produced brochures,
did PR.




my first
Worked with site's founder on overall
concept, logo, initial content. >



In pre-launch. Advised on site components and content, conducted research on theater revenue streams, produced memos for potential investor meetings, proposed ways to generate traffic, etc.