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10 Tips for a User-Friendly Website:

While content is crucial for creating a successful website, the organization of your site--called its navigation--is just as important. You want users to quickly and easily understand the purpose of the website and quickly find what they want. Elements for successful usability are:

1. A Home Page that clearly and directly tells the web visitor what the site’s about.

2. A hierarchical information structure that makes sense to your visitors. Put the important information on the top of the page. In newspapers this is called “above the fold”—what’s visible without scrolling.

3. Navigation that is broad, rather than deep. Visitors want to scan your page quickly. You’ll lose them if they have to scroll down too far to access content.

4. Avoid marketing jargon. Use visitor friendly terms that anyone will recognize. And keep sentences short.

5. A table of contents (also called navigation buttons) that is clear. Don’t make visitors have to figure out where content might be located.

6.The main navigation on every page.

7. Write from the visitor’s perspective, not your own. Constantly ask yourself whether you are providing content they are seeking. Anticipate what a visitor will expect to find at your site, and then deliver it to them.

8. Headlines, bullets, subheads that make the text readable and easy for the visitor to scan.

9. Use names or words that the visitor will recognize.

10. Consider your site’s audience. Remember that not all computer users have a huge monitor or the latest software. A number of internet users are still on slower dial-up connections. Factors that influence the load times of pages include the number and size of images, the size of your pages, extra items like Flash.

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